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2002 — Pictures

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Karen's Office 2002
Seder Meal
March 26th 2002
Rebekah's Birthday Party
April 13th, 2002
Silent Auction
April 20th, 2002
Decoration Day
April 27th, 2002
Mother's Day
May 12th, 2002
Kwajalein Trip
May 21st-June 29th, 2002
Hope and Hannah Jones' Visit
July 2002
Karen and Brian's Anniversary
Smoky Mountains
August 3rd, 2002
Everett Grayson's Birthday Party
August 12th, 2002
Brian's Birthday
August 24th, 2002
September 1st, 2002
Minneapolis Business Trip
September 26th-29th, 2002
Smoky Mountains
October 3rd-6th, 2002
Willis Chapel Nature Photos
October 12th, 2002
Alexander Reunion
October 12th, 2002
Park Clean-up
October 26th, 2002
Paul Ronning's 60th Birthday
November 10th
Flight Test 10
December 2002
Brian's Helicopter Ride While at Kwajalein
December 9th
Mrs. Allen's 65th Birthday
December 16th, 2002
Karen Allen's 38th Birthday
December 19th, 2002
Mr. Allen's 64th Birthday
December 20th, 2002
Ronning Christmas at Karen & Brian's Place
December 21st, 2002
Christmas Eve at the Allen's
December 24th, 2002
Christmas at Our House
Christmas Day 2002
Christmas at the Allen's
Christmas Day 2002
Christmas Evening with the Ronning's
Christmas Day 2002





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